30-over day games played with a red ball. Aim is to give League teams more cricket to supplement their current fixtures plus an organised, efficient structure for non-League teams so that everyone gets to play more cricket.


West Coast Hub

West Coast Hub is the newest ground in Singapore.

The venue includes

i) a clubhouse

ii) a cafe/bar

iii) changing room

iv) showers

v) free car park

Please download the map of the venue to guide you.

Cage and NTU

Both Cage and NTU grounds are unique in its nature because the entire ground is made up of artificial grass. So the chances of washouts are minimised, it's a fast outfield and there will be no mud and potholes. The grounds has been approved for use in the SCA League as well.

The Cage Sports Park is in between the golf driving range and the tennis courts. The cricket ground is on Pitch 2 and 3.

Please download the map of the venue to guide you.

NTU ground is inside the NTU campus. Address - Nanyang Technological University, Sports and Recreation Centre, 20 Nanyang Green, Singapore 637715

Dempsey Ground

SCA League ground in picturesque surroundings.Directions below:


February-November 2016 though depending on various factors, this may be extended (schedule to be confirmed shortly). We'll endeavour to be as flexible as possible with the fixtures so that they don't clash with other leagues.


Weekends (and a few public holidays) morning and afternoon slots. We'll endeavour to be as flexible as possible with the fixtures so that they don't clash with other leagues.


We are targeting 35-40 teams

FORMAT (May change depending on final number of teams)

We are planning to have 2-3 groups. The teams will play a round-robin format in the 1st phase. In the 2nd phase, there will be a knock-out format between the teams from the different groups.


All normal cricket rules apply. Seasoned Pro30 Cricket League will follow the same regulations as the SCA League but with a bit more flexibility and bye-laws which is at the Organiser's discretion. Please download the rules for your reference.


There's no limit to the number of players in the team's squad. But we ask that each and every player is registered with us (at no extra cost) prior to the respective match.


»$1600 one-off registration fee covers both team & players (no limit). Must be paid before participation.
»$400 - match fees per team per game for natural grass outfield grounds
»$430 - Match fees per team per game at Cage Sports Park/similar artificial grounds

The match fee covers ground fee, balls, umpires, scorer, tea snacks. If less than 1 hour's cumulative play occurs because of rain, no match fees will be charged but officials and tea need to be paid.


Participating teams are a mixture of SCA League teams, other league team, some non-league teams and also social teams. We're looking at streaming the teams into the 2 groups to ensure more competitive games.


We'll endeavour to provide good quality tea snacks on matchdays. Drinking water will be provided at every game and we're aiming for isotonic drinks & perhaps bottled water to be sold at the grounds too.


We're building slowly and having tried it out in the past, we're not in favour of cash prizes (for now) as it can dramatically change the dynamics of a tournament. So for this season:

»The overall winner will get free registration for the subsequent season they participate in.
»The runner-up will have a 50% discount on registration for the subsequent season they participate in.
»There will also be trophies, medals and possibly some sponsored prizes too.


We will have a temporary shop set-up at the grounds care of Skiya Sports on matchdays selling cricket equipment and apparel.


All fixtures, standings, profiles, results and stats can be viewed on our website