Football Fans Cup - 28-29 September


Seasoned Pro has teamed up with D2D Sports, one of Singapore's biggest organisers of amateur football. Our idea is to form an umbrella body for all football fan clubs in Singapore (Football Fans Singapore). This will be a one-stop shop for all football tours, events etc that require fans to turn up in numbers. We'll also organise football tournaments, have exchanges with regional fan clubs and give these fans a voice. Our ultimate aim is to get the parent clubs to sit up, take notice of and engage these loyal fan clubs and show more support in various ways through sending across autographed merchandising, ambassadors and endorse whatever we do.

To kick things off, we're going to organise a football tournament, in conjunction with Masters Football Asia, called Football Fans Indoor Stadium Cup. The preliminary matches will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on September 29th. We're aiming for at least 10 football fan clubs to participate. So far we've approached Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton, Manchester City, AC Milan, Juventus, Lazio, Hougang United, Lions All the Way. Naturally, they have been very receptive to this tournament. We're also waiting to hear back from some other Singaporean, German and Spanish fan clubs as well. But for this inaugural event, we'd like to have some Malaysian fan clubs participate as well.

One of the main draws is the fact that the semis and final will be played on the same day as the Masters Football Asia tournament on October 20th. This will give the event a bit of a buzz before it starts and of course it allows the fans to meet some of their heroes up close and personal. Amongst the prizes on offer are tickets for the winning team to be in the VIP area on the event day which gives them unparalleled access to the football legends with free hospitality of course and the best seats in the house.